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CBCT (Cone beam computer tomography)

What is CBCT and why is it necessary?

A dental CBCT scanner (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) is a special type of x-ray equipment which produces powerful high-resolution dental images.

In most cases accurate diagnosis is impossible without modern technologies. We prefer to use all possible means to provide deeper analysis of each case. Cone Beam CT scans allow our doctors to have a greater understanding of patient’s clinical situation by seeing the smallest details of his/her oral cavity.

Modern CT scanners are based on intelligent low dose 3D imaging algorithms that decrease effective patient doses significantly and are absolutely harmless.

How are the images taken?

We have one of the latest models of CBCT – Planmeca ProMax 3D, Finland.

This CT scanner provides panoramic, cephalometric and 3-D images, which give a better image quality and provide more information. Our scanner produces images of the upper and lower jaw, sinuses and temporomandibular joint (TMJ).

The procedure lasts less than 15 min and is carried out by an experienced radiologist with 12-years experience.

What does a CBCT scan show?

  • Structural features of the roots and canals of the tooth
  • Condition of the bone tissue of the jaw and maxillary sinuses
  • Pathological processes in the periodontium  
  • Presence/absence of tooth movement
  • All the inflammatory processes in the oral cavity, the presence of cracks in the roots of the teeth, third molars
  • Malocclusion

How can CT scan be used for treatment planning?

  • Help to clarify the specific location of the future implant, which eliminates the possibility of nerve damage or other complications
  • Determine the exact number and features of the structure of the root canals for their quality treatment
  • Planning complex surgical operations in the maxillofacial area

Is CT scanning safe?

Yes, it is. Modern CT scanners produce low dose imaging which can be compared to a dose a person gets during a flight. 

We have a detailed table on doses a person gets during different types of medical researches. You can also discuss this issue with our doctors and clarify youк concerns. 

Image assessment by an experienced radiologist

Our patients have an opportunity not only to get powerful high-resolution dental images but also receive the assessment of these CT scans by our experienced radiologist. 

Victor Fedorov – radiologist
  • More than 12 years of experience
  • Specializes in CT analysis and decoding for dentists
  • The author of a number of academic papers and researches
  • Recognised expert and lecturer


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