Microscopic dentistry in the center of Moscow.

Use of microscope is an indispensable part of todays dentistry. Despite the experience and qualification of the doctor in some cases successful treatment demands technological support. 

Microscope is not optional – it is a must in modern dentistry. When it comes to technologies we prefer to turn to the experts in the field. We have installed one of the most advanced models of dental microscope by Zeiss, Germany. 

This microscope enables our doctors to see what is hidden from human’s eye, magnifying the area by 40 times. 

Better visualization of the regions of interest means better examinations and high-quality treatments. 

Use of microscope in dentistry. 

Microscope can be used in various fields of dentistry: Periodontology and Implantology, Restorative and Prosthodontics. 

Microscopic dentistry has become the standard of care in endodontics. 

Endodontics or root canal treatment is necessary when tooth pulp becomes inflamed or infected due to various reasons: severe untreated tooth decay, poor crowns, tooth trauma. In case of mistreatment pulp infection may lead to pain or abscess. 

How do we treat root canals?

In case of root canal treatment a doctor works with the inside part of the tooth. 

  • First of all, the inflamed pulp of the tooth should be removed
  • The doctor gets the access to the inner part of the tooth, thoroughly cleans and disinfects it. 
  • After this the tooth is filled and sealed
  • Finally, the tooth is restored with a crown or filling for protection

Root canal treatment is an extremely delicate procedure, it is a real challenge due to the complex root canal structure. Even the most experienced doctor needs the support of the microscope –  visual abilities of human eyes are limited. 

Use of the advanced microscope enables our doctors to carry out treatment with far greater accuracy and predictability. 
Our philosophy is to struggle for each tooth. If a tooth has just the smallest chance to be saved our doctors will definitely take it. 

We do our best to maintain your natural smile and pay much attention to prevention. In case you already facing any dental problems we are always ready to provide highly-qualified dental assistance. 


Advantages of microscopic dentistry

  • Doctor can see the smallest details and microstructures, which provides the highest quality of diagnosis and further treatment
  • Microscope provides opportunities for root canal treatment which requires maximum quality and clarity of the image
  • Use of microscope while gingival treatment enables to achieve the best aesthetic results 
  • Our microscope is equipped with a camera, which provides the opportunity to take pictures necessary for better visualization, description of the clinical situation to the patient and documenting of the treatment process

In order to figure out whether you need root canal treatment make an appointment with our doctor.

Endodontic treatment at our clinic is carried out by an experienced doctor Ekaterina Basmanova, dental therapist, endodontist.

Dr. Basmanova has saved lots of hopeless teeth and is ready to take the most complicated cases. 


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