Emergency dental care. COVID19

There is no reason to tolerate toothache during quarantine!
MaxTreat Perio Center continues providing highly-qualified dental assistance in accordance with European standards of diagnosis and treatment.

With the daily changes in fighting the spread of COVID-19, we are following the latest updates and doing our best to make our clinic a safe place for patients and our team. 

We have introduced extra safety measures to minimise the risk of infecting while being at our clinic. 

These measures include:

  • Surface sanitation
  • Air cleaning
  • Providing costumes for individual protection
  • Usage of one-off goods (pens, cups, towels)
  • Providing sanitizers
  • Usage of non-contact devices 
  • Health condition control of the patients and the team
  • Social distancing control
We currently receive patients with conditions requiring emergency dental care. 

Emergency dental conditions include, first of all, pain, gingival or cheek oedema, redness/flare.

Before visiting our clinic we kindly ask you to make the following preparations:

  • Critically assess your general condition for signs of SARS
  • Measure body temperature

We have introduced online consultations for your convenience and safety. You can make an appointment via phone +7 905 561-18-41 or WhatsApp +7 968 535-47-51 or email curator@maxtreat.ru

Our working hours

Mon-Sat 10:00 – 20:00

Sun 10:00 – 18:00

We are available through phone and email to assist you with any dental concerns or emergencies you may have – our doctors are available during our working hours to provide guidance where possible.

We shoulder the responsibility for all the patients of our clinic. Each patient is provided with an individual plan of treatment stating the number of necessary visits and procedures.

Our medical curators are available via phone and email and are always ready to assist and provide detailed information on the arrangements.

Quarantine is not the reason to lower your standards! 

Even during the pandemiс one should have a chance to get dental assistance of the highest quality. What are the components of successful treatment with long-term results? 


Accurate diagnosis

Our experienced doctors use all means of modern technologies to provide the most precise diagnosis. We can offer a complex dental check-up giving full clinical performance within 1,5 hours.

Modern treatment regimens

We use only internationally approved treatment guidelines allowing to achieve long-term results with the highest comfort for the patients.

High standards of instrument sterilization

Safety of the patients and the members of our team is our main priority.

Professional team

Our doctors are recognized experts in their scientific fields. They work altogether on each clinical case and overview it from various angles to develop the best treatment strategy.

The full list of emergency dental conditions is provided by the government and presented on the official website of Moscow Department of Health:

  • pulpitis (deep caries);
  • temporary filling;
  • filling of the tooth canal;
  • removal of the filling;
  • crown trepanation;
  • opening of the abscess in the oral cavity – symptoms of redness, swelling of the gums;
  • temporomandibular joint;
  • treatment of acute forms of stomatitis;
  • radiography of teeth.
  • orthopedics: removal of crowns for dental treatment.
  • orthodontic care (when you are already wearing braces – skipping corrections may lead to difficult reversible changes


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